Early Registration and Late Registration

Early registration helps ensure each student a place in classes for the upcoming term, and helps the staff adjust offerings to meet student needs.

Students are urged to take advantage of the designated period each term to meet with his/her advisor, plan ahead, and register early. Early registration is confirmed at the ensuing registration period. Early registration refers to preregistration for classes and registration confirmation by arranging for payment for classes.

The final step in registration is the payment of fees or arranging for alternate forms of payment. Until this step is completed, the student is not officially registered and is not eligible to attend classes. Students who attend class without completing registration may not receive academic credit for attendance or work completed.

Students should carefully plan and register for a schedule on the published registration dates for each term. However, students may register through the published late-registration period.

Students must complete registration by the published “last day to complete registration/add courses” deadline of each semester, and financial accounts must be reconciled by the last day of the semester to receive any transcript credit for the semester. Late registrants must make up missed work and are assessed a late fee.

Change of Schedule

Occasionally the student may determine after the first or second class meeting that he/she needs or wishes to change his/her schedule by adding (enrolling in) and/or dropping (withdrawing from) one or more classes. Such changes should not be made, however, without consulting the academic advisor. Also, such changes can be made only by using the official Change of Schedule Form and fully processing the change through the Office of the Registrar and the Finance Office.

The student may add courses to her/his schedule through the “last day to complete registration” as announced in the Academic Calendar, and after that date there is a $15 per course fee for adding or dropping courses.

Based on the Academic Calendar regarding dropped courses, there are important deadlines which affect the grade or notation that will appear on the student’s academic transcript. See the Academic Calendar and take special note of:

Last day to drop without “WD”

If the course is dropped on or before that date, the course will not appear on the transcript; if the course is dropped after that date, the course will appear on the transcript with a notation of WD (for “Withdrew”).

Last day to drop without “F”

If the course is dropped after that date, the course will appear on the transcript with the grade F.

These deadline dates and the refund schedule will be determined by the Finance Office. Refund schedules pertaining to summer and mini-term are adjusted to the varying lengths of the terms.