HIST-121: World History to 1500

Credits 3

Surveys the history of human communities before approximately 1500. Strong emphasis on the development of the major Middle Eastern, African, European, Asian, and American civilizations and their economic, religious, cultural, military, and political interactions. Fall, Spring.

HIST-122: World Hist Since 1500

Credits 3

Surveys world history from approximately 1500 to 2000, with emphasis on modernization in Western culture from 1500 to 1914 and how various Eurasian countries and empires were affected by modern development. Other topics to be covered include Western global domination and indigenous responses to this domination, the global impact of the world wars, decolonization, and the Cold War. The role of the United States as a major power, especially in the twentieth century, will be stressed. Fall, Spring.

HIST-131: American History to 1877

Credits 3

Surveys the history of the United States from the discovery of the New World to the end of Reconstruction. Emphasis on the establishment of the characteristic institutions, cultural values, and expectations of American life. Special coverage of the Revolution, the Frontier, ethnic and cultural diversity, and the Civil War. Fall, Spring.

HIST-132: American Hist Since 1877

Credits 3

Surveys the history of the United States from the end of Reconstruction to the turn of the twenty-first century. Emphasis on the development of a modern society exercising world power in a complicated world. Special coverage of industrialization, the World Wars, the Depression, the Cold War, and social and cultural trends in American life. Fall, Spring.