Computer Services/Resources

(See the current Lincoln Memorial University Student Handbook On-Line for additional information)

Student Technology Accounts

MyLMU is LMU’s web portal for all students, faculty, and staff and offers a central location for all university information. Students should visit their MyLMU page frequently. Important functions include single sign-on access to E-mail, University announcements, grades, registration, and Blackboard, LMU’s learning management system.

Students are issued one account, which gives them access to all resources that they will need during their tenure at LMU. To log into MyLMU, enter your username and password. The username is your firstname.lastname or you may use the “Check your User ID” link from the MyLMU login page. The password scheme for new accounts is capital LMU, the first letter of your last name, and your 6 digit birthday. (For example, if your name was John Doe and you were born on February 12, 1999, your username would be john.doe and your password would be LMUd021299.Once you have completed the initial log on, you may change your password.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your LMU passwords remain confidential. LMU does not accept responsibility for any password-related breach of security. You have the option to decline the assignment of a user name and password to access any accounts at LMU and may do so by contacting Information Services.

The following services are available through MyLMU:

  • WebAdvisor: You can register for classes, check grades, record address changes, check your financial aid and account balances, and make payments online. Logging into MyLMU gives you single sign-on access to WebAdvisor. Once in WebAdvisor, you can always return to MyLMU by clicking on the “Home” tab or on the “MyLMU” link.
  • Blackboard: Blackboard is the web-based learning management system used at LMU. Blackboard provides a mechanism for students to receive class resources, submit assignments, view individual class grades, communicate with their instructor, and more. When you click on the Blackboard link, you will be automatically logged into the system through MyLMU’s single sign-on process.
  • Announcements, News, and Events: LMU announcements, news, and events will be posted in MyLMU on a regular basis. This will be the primary means of communicating important information on campus and replaces many of the email communications you have been used to receiving in the past.
  • My Team Sites: Team Sites are web pages targeted for a specific group based on a department, official student organization, or an employee business function for collaboration and communication.


Every student is issued an email account. Some faculty require submission of homework assignments via email. LMU supports a web based email client that can be accessed from any computer that has access to the Internet.

The syntax for LMU student email addresses is In the event two students have the same first and last name, a sequential number is added to the end of the last name, (ex. Students are allowed 10GB of Email storage and 25 GB of file storage in their LMU OneDrive account, which can be used from any Internet connected computer. Students are encouraged to use their LMU email accounts for all communication during their tenure at LMU. All LMU incoming and outgoing email is scanned for viruses.

University Internet

Internet access is available in all residence halls on campus

Personal Computer Repair

LMU does not provide personal computer repair services.